Rishi shipping is the largest stevedoring company operating in kandla port, handling almost 1/3 rd of the total dry cargo of Kandla Port. Rishi Shipping, through its massive fleet of cutting edge technology equipments & well experienced workforce is offering total logistics package to its clients and is happy to arrange the complete door to door movement of project exim consignments should a client require extended services beyond the ‘traditional stevedoring realms. Rishi Shipping is positioned to manage the whole transport chain responsibility, including customs clearances, bagging, rake loading, truck loading etc. In terms of productivity per ship day, we are the best in the business at Kandla Port. Our performance records are always bench marks for other to follow. Some of our best per day output are as follows.

Coal – 34000 MT
Fertilizer – 22000 MT
Timber (Pine) – 5500 MT
Timber (Hard Wood) – 6800 MT
Wheat – 25000 Mt
Oil Extracts – 17000 Mt
Mill scale – 35000 MT
Sugar Bulk (Raw) – 20000 MT

WE also take responsibility for the Demurrage/Dispatch

Rishi shipping takes responsibility of ship demurrage/dispatch as per C/P terms based on discharge @ 10000 MT and 13000 MT /wwd shinc respectively for imported fertilizer and coal. Also take responsibility for Pre-berthing and post berthing demurrages.